Five Go Camping at Warcombe Farm, North Devon.

Five Go Camping at Warcombe Farm, North Devon.

For the May Bank Holiday weekend, Five went camping at Warcombe Farm Campsite which is a short drive away for us (handy when you have a cat to come home and feed each day!), near the magnificent golden sands and sea at Woolacombe.


We arrived at 6pm on the Friday night which was still gloriously warm and  bright after a hot and sunny day, and while JT set about setting up our awning, the boys, dog and I explored the site.

We have visited here once before for one night a couple of weeks ago, and impressed by the very high standards of the campsite, we arranged to return this weekend along with members of the family to celebrate a birthday and enjoy a long weekend together.

It was quite late by the time everything was set up, so it was a simple supper of hot dogs (the sausages were sent for a review and very nice they were too!) cooked on a throw away BBQ.

The sun set late that night, so we headed off to watch it disappear into the horizon from the outer perimeter of the campsite, and were hopeful as it was a red sky at night (hence, shepherd delight……or was it?), which I took to mean that maybe the weather the next day was going to be better than the forecast (which was for rain).

We retired to bed at 11pm, both boys exhausted and they fell asleep immediately.

That did not happen  for JT and I! Foolishly once the boys were asleep, we had a final cuppa in one of our big camping mugs and as a result I had to nip to the ladies every hour between midnight and 3am! Every time I took the 2 minute walk, I could see that a storm was brewing, because I could see lightening in the dark clouds in the distance, which was getting nearer every hour I repeated my walk! A little after 3am the storm reached the campsite, and it poured down with rain and the lightening was continuous – it was like having a disco above the van! There was not really much thunder , but yet so much strobe effect lightening! Thankfully, the boys and the dog slept through it and eventually after 4am JT and I went to sleep.

I awoke early thanks to the dog and it was dry, but by mid morning the weather was unpredictable with showers tin and off the rest of the day. It didn’t matter though, because we still managed to enjoy ourselves popping in and out of each others awning and eating some nice BBQ and camp stove cooked food.

The campsite has a great play park area too which the kids enjoyed using.

Bedtime was a little earlier tonight, and lessons learnt from last night – no drinks after 10pm for me! However, JB was sick during the night! He was ok, I think just over tired. I am so grateful we had the awning, as it meant he and I could sit in there while he was cuddling up to me waiting to be ill.


JT cooked us bacon rolls this morning for breakfast. JB was fine today and he made up for his being up and ill during the night, as he slept in until 10am! In fact we had to wake him up! Glad that some of us sleep well when camping LOL!

The weather was much better for the majority of the day today so we went for a walk in the nearby woods and woodland area , which Copper and the boys enjoyed exploring.


The campsite was very busy,  but despite this it did not feel too manic and the facilities are so well looked after by the staff that you do not feel it is packed full of fellow campers. It is so clean and tidy, and the showers always hot whatever time of day, despite the numbers of visitors on site.


We packed the boys bikes for the weekend, as the campsite is safe enough for them to cycle around and lots of other children did the same.

We even had time for some games in the sunshine.

And some of us found time for a little siesta!

Before the rain returned. Still, we were leaving after breakfast the next day so it didn’t matter and we spent our final night having a movie night for all the family inside our awning complete with popcorn!

We highly recommend Warcombe farm campsite – the facilities are so clean and well maintained, the staff so helpful and welcoming and the shop is well equipped too. There is even a take away food service and sit down eating area, which we have not yet tried for ourselves, but according to someone on Instagram, it is delicious food.  I am sure we will be back again soon.









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  1. Looks like a great family time was had. Great picture of Cooper running towards you, like the low level angle you used.
    Oh dear at the being sick, nothing worse if 2 mins away from the toilets.

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